Saturday, January 12, 2013

How the English Language affects the Workplace

Note: This is a blog draft previously written months ahead before the recent beauty pageant, so it has no connection or whatsoever to the beauty queen's answer.

People in this part of the world are expected to use English fluently because it is the preferred language of our commercial industry. A job applicant needs to at least express himself in comprehensible sentences, so he could get a job; a waiter should at least know basic conversational English, so he could serve his customers better; and a school teacher should master the language, so that her students would learn their lessons well.

Both locally and internationally, our global workforce is highly competitive because of our firm grasp of the English language. We are able to express ourselves and meet the demands of our clients because we fully understand the language that is being used. By learning and speaking it properly, we are able to convey our messages clearly and sell our products and services successfully. Most nations have adopted English as their second language, therefore, enabling their workplace to keep up with the global standards. The language is very much prevalent on the internet and social media, so we must fully take it to our advantage. And since English is the language of the most powerful countries in the world today, we are bound to learn how to effectively use it not only for our company’s growth, but for the whole economy as well.

Two thumbs up for Active Fun!

A closer look at Active Fun, a fully-padded and secured play gym at the Bonifacio Global City.

If there's one place that I would love to take back into my childhood, Active Fun at the Fort Bonifacio Global City would surely top the list! Back in those days, playgrounds meant the good old wooden seesaws, rusty swings, empty tires and muddy slides. It was a lot of fun, but yeah, bruises, cuts and scrapes marked those great moments. It was nearly impossible to go home without a souvenir from our carefree escapades.

Fast forward...

Today, malls and commercial establishments are now featuring technically safe play areas, where foam cushions, safety nets and thick rubber mats are made into a play haven. This lessens most parents' incessant fear of apparent dangers from scary playgrounds. Active Fun at the Fort BGC is one of the coolest places for kids to spend their energy with less worry. Here's a photo walk-through from our latest adventure:

There's a Toys R' Us branch on the way up to the play gym.  Be warned mommies,  to prevent "buy-me-that-toy" meltdowns, please head over to admission area and fill up the form immediately.

Active Fun price list
 A bit pricey for most of us, but it is quite a better option to pay for unlimited hours if your kid has a companion. Children only get to be kids once, and they will remember all the fun they had in here, I assure you. (*wink*) Luckily, I won a couple of unlimited play passes from a photo contest, and I just added P500  so my baby boy and I could accompany the twins. (click the photo above to see the Active Fun rates)

The parents/guardians lobby, where there is a cafe, TV, clean comfort rooms and  WI-FI access.

Fetchers are only allowed up to this area. The Active Fun crew will take a photo and issue a number card to the assigned fetcher. Please make sure that whoever is assigned to look after your child will always be around. They will not release the kid to anyone who does not have a photo on their file. 
Oh yes, please take note of that fetcher's area. The crew will announce the guardian/fetcher's name if the child gets thirsty, hungry, or needs to go the toilet. Even I could not get my kids out because I was not the photographed fetcher on their file. We had to wait for the rest of the family (who went shopping at Market Market) before we could leave the gym.

Here are the rest of the pics inside:


Ball pool galore!!!

The slide for toddlers :)

play ship/ball pool

One of the safest see-saws I have ever seen.

Top view of the admission area, where popcorn and drinks are also available.

To conquer the Active Fun Global City play gym, one must have the endless energy like that of a kid; or else, be prepared for aching joints and stiffened muscles, like what I've got after traversing these innocent-looking paths:

hanging bridge

net tunnels
 And even these obstacle courses, which I had no choice but to thread through since my kids would only go as far as they would see me (since they are quite afraid of the quicker and bigger kids):

I have gone through these countless knee-bending and back-breaking cushions while running after my kids all afternoon.

Oooh, my brave lil' baby isn't afraid of heights!

Overall, it was fun and unbelievably exhausting. My little boy was thrilled as much as his sisters were, but was insistent on taking his nap as scheduled. Alas, Mr. Octopus here was kind enough to lend a helping hand, or a tentacle, I must say:

Thank goodness there were only a handful of other kids during his nap time, so he was able to sleep peacefully for an hour.

The giant slide
 Now the best part of the Active Fun High Street gym is the giant slide, but only the bigger kids are allowed to slide through unless the toddlers are carried by their guardians. There are a couple of Active Fun BGC staff guarding the top part of the slide to ensure everyone's safety; carefully waiting for the each kid to fully go down before allowing the next batch of three. 

Since the girls are prodding me to join them in the giant slide, we waited for the rest of the family to come back. Mommy just couldn't slide with their baby brother, so we saved this one for our finale. After four rounds, we called it a day. We spent about five hours inside the gym and about a year's worth of my life expectancy (or so it seemed, guess I needed to exercise more LOL). I couldn't comfortably move around, and had lots of salonpas all over me the next day, but it was all worth it. Like a credit card adage, let me put it this way: play pass: 375php, kids' smiles and memories: priceless. And for that, we will surely come back again - soon

Tips: Be sure to bring lots of drinking water and a change of clothing. Also, make sure that the kids and their companions who will go with them inside the play area wears socks, so you won't have to buy anymore from the admission area. There is a shelf on the ship's corner where shoes and bags are stored, but food and valuables are not allowed inside the play area. It would also be wise to eat a full meal first so the kids will have plenty of energy before playtime. 

Monday, December 31, 2012

Hopes for 2013

Hi everyone! As you may notice, this blog had been silent for quite a while now. How I wish I had more time to write and share about the things that may make my readers smile a bit, but there isn't that much opportunity to squeeze blogging at the moment. 

My little girls are growing up really fast and I am running after my baby boy who had just started to walk on his own. Right now, I am juggling family life and freelancing plus contest browsing while trying to preserve my sanity. As much as I intend to, I actually had drafts waiting to be published, but I still had to inject some eye-catching bits of information so as not to bore all of you. 

I still have lots of stories to share, and I wish to publish them real soon. But right now, I had to make sure that my girls know how to write their ABC's and 123's first and my wobbly toddler is somewhere safe before I while away time in front of my computer. 

There is time for blogging, and for 2013, I am going to grab a few hours for it. Promise, I will be back.

Happy New Year dear readers :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Words to live by...

I am borrowing some of these posts from A Blessing for the Day . It always reminds me to keep my feet grounded, my words guarded, and my heart and mind guided. I hope these bits of wisdom will spread positive vibes to everyone. Cheers!

A Little Something to Ponder On...

Hi everyone, as you may have noticed, I wasn't able to update my blog for the past weeks. Oh well, life has been really busy and I had to put my priorities where it needs me most. But I would like to share this wonderful site I have been following lately. It is a facebook page that posts bits of wisdom that will always come handy in times of stress. I will be sharing some of their quotes, with proper attribution of course. Here's  one:

Now this makes me think twice before I utter words to everyone around me. For my kids, I must confess that I am guilty for yelling at them when they get too "makulit", but I never fail to say sorry and explain that mommy gets crazy sometimes too. Posts like this remind me to choose my words carefully and find other positive ways to reprimand them.

Photo source:

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Contest Addict Tips 101

Contest Addict Tips 101:

1) Kapag mas mahal pa ang pamasahe mo kesa sa value ng kukuning prize, huwag nang sayangin ang effort :)

2) Kung sa tingin mo ay mas malaki ang value ng prize kesa sa sweldo mo per hour, okay lang magbigay ng panahon paminsan-minsan.

3) Kung hindi mo naman magagamit yung prize at wala rin namang bibili nito kung sakali, sayang din lang ang effort.

4) Kung di ka resident ng Metro Manila, basahin muna sa mechanics kung pwede i-ship ang prize bago sumali. Sa pamamagitan nito, maiiwasan ang pakikiusap at pangungulit sa mga admin.

5) Pagdating sa shipping, huwag mag-expect na darating ito agad, o kung darating nga talaga ito. Isipin mo na lang na parang Pasko na hindi mo alam kung may gift ka bang matatanggap o wala.

6) Mag-ingat sa international prizes. Pag ipinadala sa iyo through EMS, sa post office makukuha yun. Huwag mo na ring sabihing gift, dahil kahit na gift ito, may babayaran ka pa rin kahit gift ito. Pag ang value ng item ay $30 and below, ang babayaran mo lang ay P40, para ito sa storage fee.  Pero kung mas malaki pa dito, lagot ka sa taxes. Lalo na kung more than $100 ang value ng item, 200% ang sisingiling tax sa iyo. Mas mahal pa  sa value ng prize mo. Ganun din kapag umorder ka ng items online at galing pa sa ibang bansa yung pinagbilhan mo.

7) Learn to let go. Pag hindi mo na-claim, o hindi mo natanggap yung prize, lalo na kung wala namang proof of purchase at wala namang masyadong pakinabang yung nagpa-promo sa effort mo, iwasan ang pang-aaway sa FB at twitter page nung brand. Marahil ay talagang hindi ito meant para sa iyo, sumali na lang ulit :)

8) Always be aware na karamihan ng mga online contests ay hawak ng mga advertising agencies at hindi ng mismong brand na may-ari nung products/services. Ibig sabihin, maaring ang admin na nakunsumi sa pangungulit ng mga tao sa isang contest, ay sya ring admin sa iba pang contests. Kaya't mag-ingat sa mga binitiwang salita, and learn to be tactful and respectful at all times.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Para Kay Tito Sen

Dear Tito Sen,

Sabi mo, “blogger lang yun”, bakit mo nga naman iko-quote?
Marahil ay inaakala ninyong ang pagsusulat ng “blog”, ay isa lamang “hobby” o libangan ng mga taong gustong magpapansin sa lipunan. Kung may mga bloggers na nagpapa-cute, nangba-blackmail, at nagpapasikat, ang mga ito po ay hindi kumakatawan sa mismong “objective” ng “blogging” at sa lahat ng mga "bloggers".

Marami pong “bloggers” na mga manunulat din sa mga peryodiko, “magazines” at iba pang uri ng media. Karamihan po sa amin ay pagsusulat ang ikinabubuhay, at ang mga “blogs” ay isa lamang outlet kung saan namin naipapahayag ang aming mga damdamin at ideya. 

Madalas, sa bawat pitak ng salita na aming ini-enter, kasama roon ang hibla ng aming puso’t kaluluwa. Kaya’y napakasakit sa amin na malamang may nangongopya sa mga akda namin. Iyon ang talo namin sa internet, napakabilis mag “copy and paste” kaya ni hindi kami makaangal sa “copyrights”.

Makailang beses na po palang kayong gumamit ng “plagiarized” speech sa senado. Sir, mura lang po ang subscription sa “copyscape”, kayang-kaya ‘nyo po iyon. Sana makagamit kayo ng ganung software para malaman ninyo kung saan galing ang mga artikulo at dokumentong ibinibigay sa inyo. Pakisabi po sana sa inyong mga “staff” na iwasan na ang pangongopya dahil wala itong kaibahan sa pagnanakaw. Mas masakit pa nga ang manakawan ng akda kaysa maagawan ng cellphone, dahil maraming cellphone sa tindahan, pero ang mga sinusulat namin, "unique" po ang mga iyon.

Kung ang simpleng “speech” ay kayang nakawin ng inyong opisina, paano pa po namin kayo pagkakatiwalaan pagdating sa kaban ng bayan?